“All I can say is…BRAVO! I absolutely loved the (2018 Goal Setting; Get the Right Start for The New Year) presentation and thought the takeaways were so valuable. Deb was an excellent choice to kick off this new speaker series. I found her ideas and philosophies to be fresh and achievable. I have a 10-year background in direct sales and thought I had heard it all…definitely not the case after listening to Deb! To be completely honest, I’m someone that can zone out during presentations, so for me to be completely engaged for an hour and a half really says something!  She delivered the material in such an approachable way that I wanted more…and was able to apply it right away…I literally had an extra pep in my step! ;)”


“I thank God for waking me up this morning and getting my ass to your presentation (2018 Goal Setting; Get the Right Start for The New Year). You were amazing. Love your info and the way you present. Your energy is infectious!!!”


Gary Johnson, CEO / President, J2 Marketing Consultants

“I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Deb Kantor. She is one of the most inspiring people that I have ever met. She exudes positivity and has a natural gift for encouraging people to put forth the best version of themselves. Deb has had a life-long passion for sales and the principles that she applies do not come from a book or manual, but rather from her core and what she whole-heartedly believes to be true. This, I believe, has made her a success story in both her business and personal life. She knows what she is talking about, believes in it and this creates a powerful trust with the people she works with. In addition to knowing all the components that makeup a phenomenal sales person, she has the gift of being able to teach people how to attain this. Her methods, her patience, her undying energy, her techniques and her teaching abilities all add up to making her the best choice of an instructor who could help many, many people across many different types of businesses. Every business owner will want Deb Kantor to be the person to make their staff the absolute best that they can be. Being around Deb Kantor has positively changed the way that I interact with people in the business world – and I couldn’t recommend her more strongly!”

Mary N., Radio Sales

“Deborah Kantor is a truly amazing Sales Trainer. She is thorough and makes the material come to life with her energetic and positive attitude. I feel that she truly cares about making me successful and I know she will be there for the long haul. She is a dedicated hard worker and with her on “your team”, you can’t help but be a winner.”

Jenn P., Newspaper Advertising Sales

“I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by some of the most accomplished legal minds currently practicing law in the city of Boston and have also been blessed to be trained by elite and Olympic level athletic coaches for years. In Deb Kantor I’ve seen on numerous occasions clear demonstrations of this same type of unfailing commitment to a high level of excellence.  Deb possesses a rare gift in that her genuine desire to generously share her vast sales knowledge & wealth of experience comes directly from her enormous heart and quite naturally, without pretense or artifice. Deb has an innate knack for succinctly cutting to the heart of the matter with laser sharp focus, while imparting the recipient of her attention with the unmistakable sense that she cares deeply about one’s growth. In my view, those fortunate enough to be under Deb’s Coaching tutelage would have an extraordinarily valuable opportunity to learn from one of the best!”

Sheri D., Law, Real Estate Sales

“Once you meet, get to know and work with Deb Kantor, you will be inspired and motivated to do your best! Deb has been the one person who has helped me launch my business from the get go. She has continuously offered excellent constructive criticism, creative and analytical feedback and great suggestions to improve and grow my business. Her coaching, positive energy and enthusiasm have proved invaluable in actualizing my talents and skills to shine through to the best of my abilities!”

Lauren K., Owner and creator of Cape Cod Property Visuals

“Deb Kantor has been a dynamic and powerful Trainer. Her passion, patience, and perseverance to bring the best out of her clients are matched only by her considerable skills in communication, teaching, and sales. Her goal is always the development and confidence level of her clients and she strives to help them master skill sets and their own self-assurance. She is an energetic and passionate Trainer.”

Megan S., Photographer, New to Sales

“Deb Kantor has helped me tremendously with my career goals. I wouldn’t have achieved my business goals without her guidance. Deb truly is one of the smartest people I have ever met. She has given me her wisdom and has a knack for seeing solutions to problems. She can convey her ideas and suggestions in an extremely articulate way. Deb is so impressive in her speaking abilities whether she is working with a small group or large. She is calm, poised and many times humorous. Deb has a tremendous work ethic (that is lacking in so many parts of our society). She gives everything she does 150% effort. Just being around her is inspiring. I have been fortunate to have her influence in my professional career; have enjoyed working with her and I am extremely grateful for the experience.”

Shelley J., Restaurateur, Sales

“Deb joined our real estate sales company in May 2012.  Deb arrived with a strong background in high-level executive placement in the corporate world.  Right away we recognized her commitment to sales, customer and client service and satisfaction, her own business and our company. 

Early on she led by example by rising quickly in our sales agent standings with her sales production.  Once she was comfortable with our culture, Deb was asked to be a mentor in our long-standing sales mentoring program.  She jumped at the opportunity and was soon working closely with our new sales associates and instilling in them successful habits for them to build their business and achieve their goals.

She showed great leadership during her tenure.  At a time of leveled production, she introduced an outside sales platform to stimulate our sales team.  She helped in launching and promoting the program and we saw great results in a two-year period for individual agents and the company as a whole.

Deb is a dedicated and caring person and puts all her energy and focus in everything she does!”

Todd M. Machnik, Director of Operations and General Counsel, Today Real Estate, Cape Cod, MA

“Deborah was hired in 2012 and quickly rose in our ranks as a top producing Sales Agent!  Deborah’s persuasive nature, strong negotiation skills and knack for finding solutions allowed her to transition into a role as a Sales Speaker/Educator for our company.

In 2014, Deborah played an integral part in implementing an additional outside sales training platform for our 100-person company.  As an ambassador of that program, her role included conducting ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions, daily and weekly associate training sessions, and speaking at company sales meetings.

As a valued mentor, Deborah’s skill in conveying ideas and motivating new agents has been greatly appreciated and executed, particularly by those she mentors.  She still participates remotely in weekly conference-call meetings with our sales associates addressing various sale topics of the week.

As Deb’s Sales Manager, I feel fortunate to have worked with her, and value our friendship.”

Mary Cronin, Sales Manager, Today Real Estate, Cape Cod, MA

“Deb is able to customize training to meet your time constraints as well as delve into the relative subject matter. We conducted a GoToMeeting with her from our Regulatory Affairs Recruiting office in Massachusetts. Whether in person or remote, she is engaging, sharp, and not afraid to say the things that might be difficult to hear but that are necessary for growth. You will take away more than a few nuggets if you are open to them. “ 

Jilma S. , Regulatory Affairs Staffing Company Owner

“I was ready to start getting results…..but I wasn’t. That is when I decided to reach out to Deb Kantor for advice. I had a scheduled sales appointment that I was feeling less than confident about.  I met Deb hoping that she could give me some pointers. What I got was so much more than that. Actual real life advice coupled with encouragement, compliments and hum0r.  She didn’t know me well, but in that first meeting, explained how easy selling can be and boosted my confidence level to a 10. I went to my appointment and rocked it! In fact, the client called the competing firm that was scheduled for the next day, and cancelled while I was still in the room. I will forever be grateful to Deb her words of advice and kindness.”

Brenda C., Transportation, Real Estate Sales

“Deb Kantor is a super resource for ‘all things sales’. Her depth of sales related knowledge and her ability to communicate that knowledge clearly and effectively both one-on-one and in front of a group has been very helpful to me as a neophyte sales person.”

Edward J., Engineer, New to Sales

“I am so lucky to have Deb Kantor as my Trainer! She has generously given of her time, talent and expertise. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge that not only translates to real estate but to all aspects of sales. She has a great sense of humor, is easy to relate to and makes you comfortable from the first meeting. The amount that I’ve learned from is nothing short of amazing.”

Deb B., Retail Management, Real Estate Sales

“Deb has a refreshing no-nonsense approach to Sales Training that I found to be very concise and useful. Her direct approach coupled with her real life experiences provided me with the tools I needed to succeed.”

Sam F., Customer Service, Sales

“It is with great pleasure that I may have the opportunity to recommend Deb Kantor as a resource when choosing a Sales Trainer & Coach. Deb has demonstrated a true understanding of what it takes to succeed in a competitive, fast paced, business environment. Her approach, when applied and followed has brought personal success to my entire company. Deb has earned the respect and admiration of all she comes in contact with. I can say without hesitation that any business program would benefit in having Deb Kantor as a resource.”

Kacy D., Healthcare, Sales

“Deb Kantor has given me advice that has proven to be invaluable. She is an extremely talented person with a wealth of knowledge and endless energy. I am very proud to call her a member of my work team.”

Roseanne K., Caterer, Real Estate Investor, Sales

“Deborah came into my salon for Business and Sales Marketing. She has an incredible personality and is truly gifted in training both individually and as a team. She gave out team excellent tools on building and maintaining clientele. I would highly recommend her for any business wanting to grow.”

Robin A. , Hairstylist, So. CA

“Deborah came to my salon today and gave an excellent business building class. She was extremely knowledgeable and highly motivating. Anyone looking to build their business, I greatly recommend Kantor Sales Training Associates. “ 

Pamela C., 30+ Person Salon Owner, So. CA