Are You Committed to Client Retention, to the majority of your business coming from Referrals, and to Raving Reviews – all a necessity in this world of Social Proof?

Training your Front Line Staff and Sales Team involves a commitment of time and money. What is more impacting than making the commitment to invest in training? Not training, and keeping the status quo…lower client retention rates, dissatisfied clients, and the devastation of negative reviews that permanently scar your business and reputation! 

How Do You Decide What the Best Training Option Is?

There are many canned, prepackaged, one-size-fits-all training programs on the web. The problem is they cannot address the unique challenges your business faces.  These programs do not provide an in-person, dedicated Client Relationship Trainer/Coach – there is no one on the other side of the webinar or desktop dedicated to your staff, customizing and guiding the student to apply the skills being taught to their specific environment, and their individual nature; the canned programming is generic, impersonal, and built for the masses.  There is no feedback, or live (in-person) accountability built in. 

Without an ‘in-the-flesh’ partner to work directly with your Front Line Staff or Sales Team, to tailor teachable Relationship Sales Skills, you can only hope the individuals participating in a generic program get something from the investment you make, and you know ‘hope is not a strategy’!  

The other common training option is the ‘guru persona’ marketing to the masses, who has created a mega-sized training company model. This model involves telephone ‘coaches’ who often have never actually sold anything themselves! Likely never having walked the talk, this type of training is only as good as the random coach assigned. 

What Does Kantor Sales Training Offer?

Very simply, Customized Relationship Sales Training. I am an expert, accomplished, multi-industry sales professional. I have walked the talk for 4 decades! I am energized and dedicated to paying it forward, one person, one client, one company at a time!

I will bring the art of Relationship Sales to life with rich content and passion! With four decades of Top Performer successes in the recruiting, real estate, and retail industries to name a few, I know what it takes to sell an idea – a relationship – trust – all the intangibles! I will  ‘drive the skills to the desks’  for immediate results!  No one will be left to their own devices, with only the hope that they will understand how to apply what they learned on-line. My expertise is Relationship Sales will guarantee your investment of time and money!  


On average, individual clients involved with my training have achieved an average increase of 107% in sales, in less than a 2 year period of time.  

What Do You Get with Kantor Sales Training Associates?

  • Training established Front Line Staff and Sales Teams.
  • The How-To’s of Hiring the right ‘nature’ person for the Front Line or Sales job!
  • Training the Front Line Staff to build rapport with your clientele, insuring retention, referrals and raving reviews!
  • Training and Coaching the NEW Sales Manager just promoted from individual contributor.

Who Are My BEST Clients?

I work across a broad spectrum of industries including the formal Sales Teams within B2B, Real Estate, Recruiting/Staffing, Retail, and Professional Service; if your business has something to sell, Kantor Sales Training Associates will teach innovative techniques that significantly improve bottom line results to ensure:

  • Client Loyalty – Retention!
  • Repeat Business!
  • Referrals!
  • Increased Revenues!

Medical Practices, Restaurants, Retail, and Consumer Services.  Training the Front Line Staff who are the face of your businesses is an easily overlooked, absolute necessity! Your Front Line Staff – the first voices and the first faces your clients meet, have the power to embrace and secure those clients or repel and discourage; that is business walking out the door, never to return!  Your Front Line Staff MUST BE TRAINED IN RELATIONSHIP SALES!  **Read ‘Your Frontline Employees Are Your Brand….’ in the NEWS section of this website!

The MACRA reimbursement ruling will be in full play by the end of 2016. This Merit Based Reimbursement program is based on a scoring concept. Patient outcomes and patient satisfaction will be key to private practice physician spaces achieving the highest possible reimbursements, directly impacting the practice bottom line. 



  • 4 Week Program: ‘Accountability is the Name of the Game’
  • 13 Week Program: ‘All In? Let’s Dig In!’
  • 26 Week Program: ‘Committed to Win’
  • 26 Week Program: ‘VIP Special’ w/ extras
  • One-Day Event: ‘Power Sales Training for Sales Teams or Front Lines’
  • 10 Session Package: 1:1 Coaching
  • Sales Force Recruitment/Hiring Services……. Call for details
  • Sales Staffing…………………………………..Call for details

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!