What’s Your Value Proposition?

A powerful value proposition is made up of the most compelling reasons your target customers should do what you’re hoping they will do. What’s yours? Watch my new YouTube video here:

On the Radio with Michelle Bergquist

Michelle Bergquist, your host of Women Who Lead, interviews Deborah Kantor, Relationship Sales Trainer and Public Speaker on the subject of Everyone Is In Sales (…and it’s not a dirty word!)  

Motivate your sales force

Salespeople are the folks who open doors and close sales. They are responsible for generating the lifeblood of your business: revenue. However, your salespeople are also your front line and oftentimes the only touch point customers have with your company. In their role, they act as ambassadors of your brand. To ensure that your salespeople […]

Sales Coaching: It’s a really big deal!

Getting sales coaching right – don’t do too little, too late Sales leadership talks about it all the time.  Sales consultants advocate it and sales managers say they would like to do more of it if they had the time.  The “it” of course is sales coaching. Yet if you nose around, you will often […]

What’s the Biggest Challenge with Sales Training Programs?

Given the substantial amount of money that companies commit to training every year, the notion of learning more about how to get it right is a question of interest.  With that in mind, McKinsey & Co conducted a survey of 1,400 executives worldwide to explore the question. Major Finding.  When asked about their companies’ biggest […]

Your Relationship Sales Adventure Begins Here

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Your Road to Success

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Harvest the Fruits of Your Labor

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A Surge of New Initiatives

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Reflect On Your Passion

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