As the daughter of a commission salesman, I spent my young life listening to my father cold call and close at the first ‘Hello’. I was surprised to learn not everyone’s dad did this for a living…who knew? And so it goes…it takes a certain type of nature to be in Relationship Sales. Since my young teens, I have been a student in every aspect of the sales cycle…turns out dad was right…the close truly does begin with the first ‘Hello‘.

I fell in love with the idea that I could ‘make it happen’ with no ceiling on my ability to earn, nothing in my way, it was all in my hands! The past four decades have been a continuous immersion in the love I have for the ART of Relationship Sales. My greatest joy now is in sharing what I’ve learned; paying it forward with passion!

My passion is Relationship Sales Training; working with business owners, sales management and individuals to learn how to train the staff you have, and hire the ‘right nature’ of people going forward. I specialize in training Sales Teams and Front Line Staff, teaching how to create a power-base of Return and Referral clients by building rapport and long term relationships! My joy is in paying it forward…teaching the artful craft of being an influencer with integrity! I will teach how to create lasting relationships, qualify today’s clients to protect your time, identify customer needs, anticipate objections, relay value propositions, and provide six-star, exceptional customer service; always exceeding expectations! My Goal:  Teaching your team how to increase client retention, build up your referral business and earn raving reviews!

I will open doors to your success!



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Combating Food Insecurity in Southern California  A percentage of KSTA, LLC annual profits will be donated to Bracken’s Kitchen, serving the hungry of Orange County